Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Book Review: Wasteland Fairytale by Mike E.O. Turner

Wasteland Fairytale
By Mike E.O. Turner

The world has ended. Mankind is reduced to scavenging in the dust. 

Grizzled veteran Papa Bear found the young girl among the ruins of a long forgotten city and has sworn to protect her no matter what.

But violence is around every corner and the pair are forced into a mission that could doom mankind forever. All the while, the girl is quickly learning that Papa Bear's protection comes with its own terrible conditions.

I picked this book up for free just over a year ago and slowly worked my way through it in between other books.

I like it, it's a simple story told in a unique voice. A bit vague at times and more worded in mystery and metaphor than facts so some things are muddled, including a seemingly important revelation that I won't spoil but left me sort of confused. I re-read the passage a few times for some sort of concrete clues as to what happened but I was still a bit bewildered. And it's at the last 10% of the book.

But it's an interesting post-apocalyptic story with a deeply Western feel and a hint of steampunk. I don't read or watch many Westerns so to me this felt fresh.

It's book one of a series and I'm not sure it did enough to get me to read book 2, I have to think about it.

In all, it's wholly different than anything I've read so I'm glad I gave it a chance.


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