Saturday, 30 December 2017

Book Review: Locked In by Emily Essence.

Locked In
By Emily Essence

"What if this time tomorrow, I could be free?" 

That was the question that 15-year-old Emily asked herself as she gazed up at the ceiling of the darkened room in which she had been held captive for the past 10 years.

If this is indeed a true story, then I don't want to be too harsh. It makes me feel like a jerk.

However, this book is just...bad.

It's very short, which is fine, but it's strangely overwritten to the point of being incomprehensible. Things are alluded to without being clarified, and the reader is left with so many questions.

Here are just some of the questions I had:

  • What was the relationship between the abuser and Emily's mother? 
  • Was he Emily's step father? 
  • How did the abuser get rid of Emily's mother's body? 
  • Why did no one know where Emily was? 
  • Was it not on record that Emily's mother had a daughter? 
  • Did her abuser keep her clothed? 
  • What happened after she escaped? 
  • What happened to her abuser? 
  • Why was there a random poem in the middle of the book? 

I didn't think I'd ever find a book about child abuse worse than Forgiveness Unforgivable which I never finished because it was so eye-rollingly preachy or A Child Called It (Read my review here) but this is just leaves me baffled.

If you want a real heart-felt tale of overcoming abuse I strongly recommend the Ghost No More series by CeeCee James.



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