Monday, 12 June 2017

Review: Thrawn

Thrawn Thrawn by Timothy Zahn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked it, it was good, and as always, Thrawn is a badass character.

But, it sort of...went nowhere? What was the point of the meeting at the end of Chapter 29? How are Pryce's actions going to tie into the first season of Star Wars Rebels? I somewhat feel like her story didn't even need to be told and we could focus soley on Thrawn, focus more on his exile, and get a little more nuance in his rise up the ranks of the Empire and deal more with the Nightswan mystery.

The big mystery at the start of this was obvious. (Gee, where could all this metal be going? Could they be building a ship? Hmm....)

I was murky on Nightswan's purpose and Thrawn's focus on it.

So many lip twists. Along with "Stomach tightened.", Oh Zahn, you do you.

But Thrawn himself is great as always and it was nice to get focus on him again. He really is a brilliant tactician, which is proved time and time again through actions instead of words.

As always, Marc Thompson is a great narrator, but Pryce's mother's voice was grating as all Hell. Also a voice near the end was weird as well.

So, 3 stars. I guess.

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