Thursday, 22 September 2016

Review: Heir to the Empire

Heir to the Empire (Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy, #1)Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn
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You can't be a Star Wars fan on the internet and not have heard about Thrawn, Mara Jade, and Kaard. It just doesn't happen. Especially after Disney bought it all and said the books didn't happen.

I'm a big fan of Star Wars: Rebels and when it was revealed that Thrawn was going to be in it, thereby actually legitimizing some stuff, big, well loved stuff from the books, I immediately tracked down what was told to me to be a great audiobook version.

This was amazing.

The story is interesting and exciting.

Thrawn was well written, intriguing an we weren't just told he was bad ass, we were shown. He does have a brilliant tactical mind, which is put into action. Like the people around Thrawn, you're left wondering how the attack on Endor would have gone if Thrawn was in command.

I'm especially interested in where Leia's story is going. There's a lot of potential there.

Now, on to Mara Jade. I know roughly who she is and who she will become, so I was expecting this kick ass chick. I kinda got it, but I also got a snotty, whiny, "None of you business!" annoyance. I don't know if it was the narrator's fault for sounding too soft and whiny and snarky, or how she was written or what. I was very underwhelmed by her. That's a shame because I like her back story and motivation, but she comes across as too childish and contemptuous and not enough of an actual damaged person. She suffered a trauma but acts like her parents wouldn't let her go to a party.

Otherwise, the narrator was terrific, getting almost everyone's voice down, from Han Solo to Lando to Ackbarr. His Leia is a little questionable but he's a guy, he did what he could. Also, his Wookie was annoying but I find wookies annoying an grating in general. It's hard to play KOTOR when you like Mission and hate Zaalbar.

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