Friday, 3 July 2015

Book Review: Irredeemable by Mark Waid Vol. 1-10

Irredeemable, Vol. 1Irredeemable, Vol. 1 by Mark Waid
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This review is for the entire series, Vol. 1 - 10.

It was amazing!
It was good...
...It was interesting...
I absolutely hated the ending.

The characters were mostly fully realized and some were really sympathetic. Others...not so much.
Some plot points or characters were brought in that had no impact and just sort of left or were killed off.
The art was good.
The colouring was amazing.

At first the story is really good at explaining the stress of being a superhero, the pressure, the ingrates, the expectations. And the trigger for Plutonian turning evil was really tragic and horrific. But as the story winds on, it gets kinda bloated and redundant and whiny.

And of COURSE the Plutonian's nemesis HAS to be gay and in love with him. Can't have any good guys be gay. Only villains.

The ending? The Plutonian is the inspiration for Superman. Not even kidding. There's something so...arrogant about that. It's the ultimate self-insert. Boy, aren't you clever, imposing your creation and your creativity on the grandfather of the thing you created.

Sit down.

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