Sunday, 31 May 2015

Movie Review - Mad Max: Fury Road

Today is my father's birthday. He would be in his mid-to-late 60's. Growing up, he constantly watched Mad Max, though the only one I really remember was Beyond Thunderdome. (Fun fact: When I was a kid I thought the scene "Waaarriiooors, come out and plaa-aaay" was from Road Warrior and not, in fact, The Warriors) So, when I realized that Fury Road was coming out in May, I decided to plan to see it on this specific date.

Leading up to today, I re-acquainted myself with the trilogy. I enjoyed Road Warrior the most out of the three.

The last two action movies I saw were Age of Ultron and Jupiter Ascending and I cannot remember a single thing about the action scenes in either movie other than parts of the Hulkbuster fight.

The problem with movies lately is there's no sense of risk. You know the heroes are going to make it. So I'm finding myself less and less invested in action movies.


I will remember the "pole-cats" until the day I die.

This movie is a great piece of action cinema! Everything was creative, dangerous, and there were stakes. Lives and limbs were lost, people were stabbed, cut up, run over, rag-dolled, shot, exploded and even heroes fell. In glorious practical effects! Practical effects and non-shakey-cam, how I've missed you!

The soundtrack was fun, and utilized in a creative way. The sound design was great!

The interactions between characters were good. The female characters were well written, and the story embraced all sorts of women. Furiosa is amazing. Max was essentially a supporting character.

Now would be a good time to discuss something that's been on my mind for years now.

Mako Mori from Pacific Rim. Why was she held up to such a high feminist standard? The Mako Mori test states the following:

a) at least one female character; b) who gets her own narrative arc; c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.

Mako Mori fails her own test.
She only gets to do things because the main protagonist guy asks/orders it.
When she gets a test run of something she almost gets everyone killed until the protagonist guy talks her down.
And her choice to sacrifice herself for the good of humanity is taken away from her by protagonist guy forcefully sending her to safety.
How do people not see this?!

Can we just do away with the Mako Mori test and write the Furiosa Test instead?

For slight downsides, I felt everything felt a little too shiny and clean, but that's probably because of digital film. It could have used perhaps a little more humour. But on the other hand, electric guitar flamethrower. So there was that, and it was amazing.

A lot of people have said this is their favorite action movie of all time, or at least this decade. Not mine, that distinction still goes to Children of Men, Shoot 'em Up and Leon: The Professional, but of 2010 onward? Hell yes! It certainly knocked Dredd and Snowpiercer down a few pegs, but John Wick is still giving it a run for it's money.

Go see this movie! I implore you! This deserves your money. Far more than Suicide Squad will.


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