Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review: Right-Hearted: Finding What's Right With a Wrong-Sided Heart by Daniel Wallock

Right-Hearted: Finding What's Right With a Wrong-Sided HeartRight-Hearted: Finding What's Right With a Wrong-Sided Heart by Daniel Wallock
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is more like it.

Previously I had reviewed Daniel Wallock's short story Breathe: A Very Short Story and I didn't care for it. I ended the review hoping that this would be a better story.

Thankfully, it was.

The quality of the writing was much improved over Breathe, and there was an actual story here, not just a connect-the-dots of events.

It wasn't mind-blowing or anything, and many things were hinted at, vague, or just dropped. I still have so many unanswered questions. Daniel alludes to fleeting, but abusive romances in his past and I felt there was probably a goldmine of wonderful stories there. I'm not trying to go for the salacious details, but maybe the trial-by-fire would make the reader appreciate his time with the young lady in this book a bit more.

Also, for all his health problems, they're never really focused on. Again, I don't want the grimy dirt of human suffering, but it's more impressive that he play sports like a bad-ass when we actually get to read about his many near-death experiences.

I hope all this is coming out in a actual autobiography some day because I would be very interested to truly get to know Daniel, and not just what he picks and chooses what to tell us.

Daniel wants his stories, all of which are free, to be downloaded 100,000 times. Help make it happen for him. It costs nothing and you'd be helping a young man's dream come true.

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