Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 In Review

2012 was a year of being proactive. I wrote, I traveled, I saw people I've never met in person, or haven't seen in years.

2013 was the year of waiting.
Sitting around, waiting for things to happen.
For editors and publishers to get back to me, for inevitable tragedy.

Sadly we lost two close family members this year, my very loved aunt Leah-Rae lost her life to her second bout with cancer, surrounded by loved ones, and my grandfather succumbed to age with dignity, to be with my grandmother.

It was also a year of re-arrangement.
My grandfather and grandmother's belongings were brought from Seattle to here in Vancouver, Canada and we now have a lot of their antiques, giving them a loving home. We cleaned out a lot of clutter, and in general made our house more comfortable. More of my own furniture matches now.

I spent this year waiting for publishers to get back to me. I kept trying to tell myself I was going to re-write Project C but I still haven't even attempted it. I poked at Elven Lacryment with little progress. I didn't write a lot, but I did submit a lot. However, in July I started Project 10X10. I completed it, got feedback, re-edited it, submitted it, now more waiting.

I heard back from Harper Voyager, receiving a rejection on Dec 17th. Over a year and 2 months since my submission.

I submitted to Strange Chemistry, and am still waiting.

I barely drew. I have dozens of half-finished sketches in my sketchbooks, just waiting to be inked, scanned and coloured, but I can't seem to find the motivation.

I read books, then I read more books. Then I got a Kindle and my personal library has grown at a pace I didn't even know was possible. Then I read more books.

I put away most of my fandom obsessions for good. I no longer have the time, energy or inclination for it that I once had I closed down the fanfiction archives I used to own. The snark that used to be fun and funny is now just ultra-PC, weak and no longer entertaining. I have not updated FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! in...a long time, but that might change. Also don't be surprised if there's the occasional fanart. There are some things I will always be a fan of.
I tweaked, but there are still some problems.

I attended the wedding of two women in what was the most politically correct, inclusive ceremony I have ever witnessed. It featured Wiccan, First Nations customs, a hand-binding ceremony, and a lot of 'by the law' and 'spirit'. It was rather fascinating, actually. It was very them and both brides looked beautiful and happy.

Christmas happened, and I got a new HD TV, an upgrade from my old boxy SD Insignia TV. I can actually read the menus on the video games I play now.

I played video games, for hours and hours.

Speaking of which, video game milestones included Deadpool, Infamous 2, The Mass Effect Trilogy along with finally beating Br√útal Legend.

As you can see, 2013 was...just another year. It's annoying. I was medically stable all year and got nothing done. Here's hoping 2014 has more to offer.


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