Saturday, 14 December 2013

I Think That Fixed It...

I spent good chunks of this week working on DO NOT TAMPER WITH..., trying to get everything working once again. I was afraid I'd have to find a new theme, because Arjuna-x was old and failing me. But thankfully someone reworked Arjuna-x into a new upgrade called Jishnu. Thank you! You are a life-saver!

I let Deleted-Scenes laps because I'm no longer interested in maintaining the sites. I notified the users, but yes, Deleted-Scenes no longer exists, nor do the fanfiction archives. I still have the actual stories though so if you want them, contact me.

It's all part of downsizing. I'm even considering pulling Elven Lacryment and FRIENDS 4 EVER off their (sub)domains and dragging them to proper. But...effort.

I've also been victim of brute force attacks so I spent today upgrading to a better security plugin. If there are any problems, again, let me know.

I think everything's clean now. I was having some hijacking/redirecting problems for users visiting from their phones so, after testing with my own phone and no sign of redirects. I even googled myself to make sure things were clean because sometimes when I linked in Facebook, the url would look spammy. I think I'm good now.

This post is mostly just a test to make sure everything's working right.


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