Friday, 27 September 2013

Finishing Touches

Yesterday afternoon I completed the first draft of Project 10x10. Five days before my original self-imposed deadline, and 15 days before my bottom line deadline. It clocked in at 9,819 words. Atta girl, Q!

And then I indulged in the I Just Completed Something feeling for about an hour before sending it off to my beta readers. I was all set to send it off, and then I noticed a problem...

I had mentioned in my last post that I typed Project 10x10 in a font other than Courier New, which is what I tend to type all my manuscripts in. I actually typed most of Project 10x10 in Tempus Sans ITC because there's something very...carved-in-the-rocks about that font to me. Earthy.

Unfortunately I didn't realize that Tempus Sans doesn't format well in Open Office. Once I switched the font to Courier New, my manuscript was missing closing quotes, or changed letters into periods and other strange things. So I went about fixing that.

I also went about fiddling with my website. Something was hacked so I had to un-hack it. Then I got distracted by TV. My DVR was bloated with neglected programming. It required a purging.

I'm half-way through fixing the 10k manuscript of all these glitches, and I'll hopefully finish it today. Then I will send it out to be shredded by people I trust.


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