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Absolute Write August Blog Chain: Hellspawn

Once again I'm taking part in the Absolute Write Blog Chain. This month's topic: Child of the Devil.

The post before me is Arcticshark and after me is Meowzbark

I've been writing my personal "dark side" character NecroRaver a lot lately. Group storytelling  (*cough Role play cough*) and all that. When I first created him way back in ...2001 I think, I decided that all the drugs and his frail body would render him impotent.

That didn't last long.

The beautiful thing about role playing/group storytelling  is that almost everything is flexible and nothing is set in stone. Anything, anytime, can just be hand-waved as a "What if...?"
And so, NecroRaver has fathered quite the brood. Usually you can tell they're his by their eyes or hair. It's usually the one trait of his own he passes on.

In the rear outskirts of Necropolis is the No Man's Land. That is where the Lost Boys, the abandoned bastards of the city survive. There are two factions, one which is controlled by Rynard, the Fox, a savage, red-headed brute. It's not for certain that he's NecroRaver's brat, but because of his ability to command people, there's a strong suspicion that he is. No one knows who his mother is, not even NecroRaver.

But in the other faction there's a sort of soothsayer. A fortuneteller and Necro's oldest. Her name is Lilloette. She tends to wander around the No Man's Land, where she feels the safest. Necro nearly never mentions her, and will not give the identity of her mother, though he knows full well who the woman is. If harm comes to Lil, Necro takes care of the villain personally, and in the worst ways he can think of. Lil has his eyes.

The third and fourth are the D'Arcy twins, Vincent and Christine. When pregnant, their mother Claire fled Necropolis and lived as a nun, but unfortunately Vincent was abused by the priests. NecroRaver found them at a church and invited them back to his city. Chrissy started calling him "Skeleton Man" and Vince just didn't like him much. Oddly, since NecroRaver didn't care about the kids in a parental sense, he was the most open with them, giving them jobs in his city and trusting them with sensitive information. Chrissy was an assistant to Puzzle, the surgeon of Necropolis until she became a broadway star, and Vince became a lieutenant and enforcer in the city. Vince looked very much like Necro, and Chrissy like her mother but they both had miss-matched eyes, one very dark brown brown, one green.

Nicole is a young woman who looks eerily like NecroRaver. He will not divulge the identity of the mother, but she is under Chrissy's care and lives away from Necropolis.

Eventually my narcissistic druggy hedonist...fell in his version of love. An heiress to a German mob, Erin Koertig was even sicker and more disturbed than him. He fell for the horrible revenges she concocted, and she was juuuust this side of legal. And she was very poised, driven and cunning. So, his lust became a very twisted love. A love which produced Max Koertig. Max looks like a good blend of his parents. Soft black hair, but his mother's hazel eyes and freckles. He's the worst of his parents. Unless of course he's an infant. NecroRaver liked him best as an infant. He could tell Max anything in those years. Also they had a shared affinity for poop jokes. Because of his love for Erin, he initially wanted to distance himself from Max, should his enemies use Max to get to him. But in many, many "What if...?" scenes, that never turns out well.

Finally, there's Xin, a child he accidentally fathered with Gail Ng, his Number One/Partner In Crime/Student/Master/Confidant/Spokes-Person/Mouthpiece/Liaison/Representative. She grew up with the pulse of Necropolis lulling her to sleep in her crib and the city is all she knows. Xin tries to be ruthless, violent and without remorse like her father but deep down she's a genuinely good person and very, very soft.  She just wants love and respect, but she has a few surprises hidden up her leather and lace sleeves.

As stated a few times, a lot of these kids are results of "What if...?" and so some of them actually exist in Necropolis' canon, and some don't. So, I ask you, reader: Which do you think are real and which do you think are just larks?

I've been wanting to gush about Necro's offspring for a while now, and AW let me do it! HUZZAH! Now go enjoy other Spawns of Satan posts. The dark lord commands it.

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D.R. Slaten said...

I so couldn't tell which were real children and which were what-if children. They all sound cool and intriguing whether they are in the cannon or not.

Tara Quan said...

That's quite a brood. Okay, here are my guesses:

Real-Rynard, Lil, Max, Xin
Lark-D'Arcy Twins, Nicole

Lizzy said...

I used to love roleplaying. I haven't done it since high school and that's mostly because I haven't found a site that has both decent writers and characters that I'm interested in. What site(s) do you roleplay on?

Q said...

I actually RP on AOL Instant Messenger or Gmail Chat. One-on-One sessions. There's more freedom that way.

Q said...

Most of those guesses are correct. Some of them are not. Not bad guesses though.

Angyl78 said...

Oh boy. I can't even guess. I like it though obviously some are his, some are not, maybe all are his? I would have to read his whole history.

But I will take a guess: real: Lil, Nicole, Max and Xin
what if...: Rynard, D'Arcy twins

orion_mk3 said...

RP is such an interesting study...people creating such elaborate characters and histories, easily enough to match any legendarium out there, and yet you'd never know about it unless you were in the RP :)

I feel like I don't have enough information to render a proper guess...still more confirmation that you've put a lot of time and thought into your RP universe!

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