Sunday, 14 July 2013

Admitting it is the First Step to A Solution...

When I was a young, lower-case Q, I told myself "If I ever make a thing, I'm not going to have a romance in it. Everything has an obligated romantic interest! Not me! I'm going to buck the trend!"

I started Elven Lacryment and a one-sided romance started to pop up, and...I'm running with it.

Also I wrote Project C and the protagonist gets a romantic interest.

Amethyst Breed has a cast of teenagers, hormones will fly all over the place so of course there will be romantic interests. If I ever get off my butt and dig it out of the trunk again.

Blood In the Water has a few romantic couples but they were couples before the story so that doesn't count. So far Blood In the Water is the only one staying true to my convictions.

And then there's Next to Godliness. Love and lust is everywhere in this thing. It's a driving motivator and manipulator for many characters. Love triangles, love squares, love dodecahedrons, love potions, love enchantments, Stockholmey love, Big Damn Hero love, unrequited love, I-love-my-best-friend love, Ours-is-a-forbidden-love-and-that-is-why-we-are-in-love love...

Near the end of writing it, I realized the running theme seemed to be "Horrible things will be done in the name of Love."

I have broken down the cold callous stone walls around my heart and embraced the tragedy of love. Since I am now actively submitting Next to Godliness to publishers, I've expanded my list to include romance publishers.

So, let's see how this strategy works out. Show some love, eh?


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