Friday, 19 July 2013

30 Day Comic Book Challenge Days 21-28

Day 21 - Favourite writer.
...Warren Ellis. Even his blog posts and tweets are a source of joy

Day 22 - A comic book second volume which disappointed you.
The Darkness.
While the winding down of the first volume of The Darkness was getting the rails stupid, and the comic was ALWAYS stupid, I found that Volume 2 lost all it's humour and charm and was just drudge-drudge-drudge so I dropped it after...3 or so issues.
Or maybe I just grew up.

Day 23 - Your favourite artist.
Sam Kieth.
Then a second-place tie with Joe Mad! and Chris Bachalo.
The first time I was aware of Joe Mad! it was with this image of Blink.

I had been aware of Bachalo since Generation X of course, but also I saw how he suddenly evolved in the X-Men comics around issue 350 of Uncanny X-Men.

Honourable Mentions: Roman Dirge (Lenore, Monsters in my Tummy), Serena Valentino(Nightmares & Fairytales), and Ashley Wood (Pick something he's done.)

Day 24 – dream character team up.

Day 25 - A book you plan on reading.
Just one? Impossible.
Chew, Umbrella Academy, The Molting, The Authority, The Boys, Hollow, Avenger's Academy...

Day 26 - A comic you wish they would make into a movie.
Transmetropolitan! Please please please please please please!

Day 27 - Favourite comic book movie.
Sin City
...That implies I liked it more than The Dark Knight, which I don't. But I don't consider The Dark Knight to be a comic book movie. Sin City is just so very faithful to the books, you see...

Day 28 - Favourite comic publisher.
I don't have a favourite. I go by actual comic, not publisher.


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