Monday, 1 July 2013

30 Day Comic Book Challange Days 6-10

It's been a while, huh? Well, I've been uninspired, and stressing setting down a new writing project and making no headway. How fun is that?

Day 06 - Most annoying character.
This one has stalled me for weeks!
Finally I decided on an old classic.
Cyclops is a weenie. I never could root for him. Ever.

Day 07 - Favourite comic couple.
This might surprise everyone but...
Cynthia/Winston from Poison Elves.

Cynthia is a healer elf for the thieves guild and Winston is a tattoo bearing human monster hunter with a boy's name. Together they get locked up in a jail for a few days and click. But Cynthia doesn't know if Winston is into girls...
It was really brief and I would have loved to see where it went before Drew Hayes passed away. But honestly? I think it had the most 'realistic' feel to it out of any Poison Elves relationship.

Day 08 - Best series being published right now.
Deadpool. I'm actually finding comics to be pretty lacking right now.

Day 09 - Most touching comic book/comic book scene.
The final issue of The Maxx, the nail-clipper scene. Not ashamed to say I cried a bit.

Day 10 - Dream Vs match.



can come too.


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