Sunday, 24 February 2013

Killing The Darlings

While waiting for publishers and agents to give me the expected rejections, I dusted off ELVEN LACRYMENT but only because I learned that the comic book POISON ELVES is coming back in March and there are not enough words to express my excitement and elation! So, inspired, I've been poking at ELVEN LACRYMENT. Thankfully I got through a soul-crushing chunk of the story that really showed a certain character in quite a vile and unsympathetic light.

Today I met someone, a fellow POISON ELVES fan, and I offered to do some crossover art with his elf Dorian, and ShadowWolf.

And as I sketched ShadowWolf, I reflected on the many, many years I've had her and the multiple times I shaved things from her back story to make her less super-special and "Bad-ass". And as she travels along with her trusty wolf companion Xanther, with elves named Issues, Junkers and Suicide at her side. I can't help but think that it's time to kill the darling.

New name, new clothes, new back story.

ShadowWolf comes from a culture where parents are honoured through the names of their children. Her mother had abilities to speak with dogs and therefore ShadowWolf inherited that name. So I can chalk her name up to 'culture' and leave it at that but I still have problems with the story and character that make me wiggle.

Like her pet wolf.

But she needs someone to talk to, to play off of, to give her companionship. But having a wolf is so
cliche. Especially with the rise of the popularity of A Song of Ice and Fire/A Game of Thrones

Over the years ShadowWolf has had many little quirks that I built up for the sake of awesomeness that I had to tear down in preparation for ELVEN LACRYMENT back in 2005.

My three main inspirations for ELVEN LACRYMENT were POISON ELVES, FLIGHT OF DRAGONS and an aborted campaign of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS along with the videogames Warcraft, Diablo and Heretic.

ShadowWolf was my D&D character, Issues came out of the blue, Suicide came after I had read POISON ELVES, which is obvious as he's probably the most Drew Hayes-esque out of the bunch(Guns, piercings, fishnets...). Junkers came after I went to a ren-fest. Not a Tolkien among them.

While I've been writing this entry I've been discussing my problems with friends and they brought up good counter-arguments regarding my doubts. Besides, as I write ELVEN LACRYMENT, the characters tend to point out eachother's flaws anyway. Some more than others.

I don't know. I can't help but think that since I've matured as a story teller, that she too must mature as a character.

Or I could finish the manuscript and then start all over from scratch.


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