Thursday, 18 October 2012

Today's Theme is Mythology 101!

Earlier in the year I was killing time in the mall and wandered into the bookstore, as one does. I found The Encyclopedia of World Mythology and fell in love.

It had so much info that I needed for NEXT TO GODLINESS, much of which I committed to memory. Unfortunately I had no other choice because I hadn't the money to take the book home with me. Don't worry, I'm correcting that very soon thanks to gift cards.

Back on topic! The book also taught me a new word: Mythogenesis.
1: formation or production of myths
2: the tendency to make myths or to give mythical status to something (as a tradition or belief)

I wish I knew that word sooner because that would have been an awesome name for NEXT TO GODLINESS. Today I forgot the word, remember this was back in the first months of 2012, so through extensive searching through chat logs, I found the word again and looked it up. But from there I found other words. Words like Mythoclast: "a destroyer or debunker of myths" and Mythologize:"To explain a myth or build a myth around"

Aw, man!

Where were these words in 2008 when I needed a title?

I guess they're still usable if there's ever a sequel...

But, credit where it's due, here's a review of a book I love and set me on the path to greatly enjoying Mythology. It likely sowed the seeds of NEXT TO GODLINESS long before the idea of being a writer even entered my dark little brain. Enjoy!

Gods, Demigods and Demons: An Encyclopedia of Greek MythologyGods, Demigods and Demons: An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology by Bernard Evslin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've actually had this book since Elementary school. I got it through the Scholastic book order things Elementary Schools offer. I was a geek, sue me.

As a kid I would read the entries and re-read my favourites. I must have read Athena's entry a hundred times, and then yell at the Hercules and Xena TV shows because they were wrong, wrong, wrong!.

While writing my own mythology epic I actually found myself running to this book, dog-eared and yellowed-paged as it is, for refresher courses on certain mythological figures or double checking things. It's a true encyclopedia that is packed with knowledge and straight-forward facts.

It's a great introduction to Greek Mythology and while it's not heavy or overwhelming, it's certainly not dumbed down for kids, making it a great read for everybody.

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Monday, 8 October 2012

The Ballad of the Renegade Subplot (The cover some no-name performs to get a million hits on Youtube)

So, a few days after I wrote this post about continuing little side-stories for NEXT TO GODLINESS, I find out that Harper Voyager is accepting un-agented manuscripts.

Because of course it was.

The bad part was that NEXT TO GODLINESS fell 4,000 words short of the minimum word count. Yeah, I had that sub-plot but there was no way I would be able to get it all out before October 14th.

I had Vcon to stress over, and an artistic deadline due tomorrow, plus Canadian Thanksgiving.

The stars just really aligned for me, right?

But I finished it, edited it, and submitted it on Saturday night.

Now we wait 3 months.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Vcon Post-con Report

Finally I'm getting around to writing my Vcon post-con report. I should have done it Tuesday, having Monday for rest but Tuesday decided to be a bit of a dick. So, Wednesday it is!

Friday was extremely slow, in fact almost no one in Artists Alley really seemed to be moving a lot of merchandise. But that's to be expected. Day 1 is for browsing and budgeting, 2 for purchase and 3 for last minute spending.

I at least managed to sell (or trade) some stuff. Skull of Cthulhu continues to be my best seller. Suicide did not sell at all. Who knew?
My sketch of Algol in the church still draws eyes, and I had some of those prints left over, so I sold those at discount. I also sold my last available A Girl Called Kermit "I can't sleep..." black and white print. I will make more.

On day 2 my friend Hazel came to help me out and to be my Booth Babe. It was her first real convention but she took to it well.
On the second night I tried to convince Hazel to hang out, but she only had a vendor assistant badge and thus couldn't go anywhere else in the con. So we said our goodbyes. I poke my nose in on the dance, which looked...un-fun. So I left, about 5 minutes after Hazel caught her bus. Of course.

On the third night I went to a panel about editing your own work, then I attended the closing ceremony where they auctioned some books for charity.

Then I went to the con party.
I had never been to a con party before and Vcon felt like a safe environment to do so. No one seemed overly huggy nor hostile so I thought I'd peek in for an hour then catch my bus home. The party was set to begin roughly at 7:30, but by 8:45 they were still setting up. Since I had food welcoming me at home, plus TV to watch, I decided "screw this" and went home. So, no party for me.

There were some awesome costumes, and normally I'm not into that sort of thing. There was a little Captain America, a rainbow faerie, a little steampunk who was hunting for mermaids, Alice and Ariel from Disney, Three Jedi, a zombie Red-shirt, Captain Hammer, Castiel from Supernatural, a Silent Hill nurse, a few Dr. Whos, a plague doctor, and Darth Retribution, who carried around Jar Jar's head.

Everyone was extremely nice, and I'm going to put them on a pedestal now!

Across from me was Carson Drew It!, and they talked everyone up really nicely. I traded a very awesome sea-pirate-fish-robot print for a Skull of Cthulhu. We discussed things, like Sam Kieth and Dave McKean.
Oh, on day 2 the chick at the Carson Drew It! table asked for a copy of an A Girl Called Kermit sketch that I had in my portfolio. I said I'd look for the original to scan that night and give her a nice glossy copy.
I never found it.
My tired brain even thought "I see it all the time! Why can't I find it?" to which I realized about an hour later "I see it all the time because it's in my portfolio. Which is at the hotel...brilliant."
It wasn't all bad though, I time traveled through my art. That's always fun, or humiliating.

Next to me was an artists collective consisting of the clothes and jewelry of Radioactive Nerd Girl, Malicious Treats and Kelsey Millar Designs. They were so very nice and sweet and very talented.

Csinyo's Creations offers less expensive corsets. Their site is sparse because they recently went though some personal issues. The site should be updated later in the year.

In the Dealers room was Noah J.D. Chinn. He had a nice gimmick, his promo flier had a word-search. I love word-searches so I did it to kill the time. The only problem was his word-search listed a word that wasn't in the search! In case you were wondering, the word was "Cursed". I acquired a copy of his bookBleeding Heart Yard in exchange for a drawing, which I still have to finish.

Joseph Picard is positively awesome. The end.
No, I'll say more.
He rolled by our table (Cripple humour, I'm allowed!) and discussed video game music, the un-readability of Cormack McCarthy's The Road, and he kept trying to push candy upon us all.
But the best thing is he admitted that he "talks" to his characters, just like I do.
I suggested an art trade or an art-for-book trade but we never got to hammer out the details. But I will acquire Lifehack. I will.
I swear it.

I did have a lot of fun though, and look forward to doing it again. Debating going to Anime Evolution in November.

The plan of attack is to update my portfolio with newer/more recent images, and create a wider range of subjects on my prints. Also, maybe I should offer something a bit more chipper than my regular.

Yeah, I'm still "that girl that does dark, creepy stuff".

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