Monday, 17 December 2012

Dethklok Concert 'Review'

In November, I saw Dethklok.

We got there early-ish and bought shirts because that's just a staple of the concert going experience. The venue was basically a big room with a stage, a bar in the corner and a gently sloping concrete floor. It was standing room only, there literally were no chairs.

So my friend and I stood around for an hour and a half just chatting.

Eventually The Black Dahlia Murder opened the show and they were  fine. I'm not much for their music but in an environment like that you can't help but headbang. We were standing at the dividing line between the mosh pit and the mellow people. My friend was in front of me and served as my meat-shield.

The Machinehead came and again we headbanged but Machinehead felt like their set went on forever. Basically everyone was there for either Dethklok or Machinehead. I liked BDM better.

Then my friend went to sit this set out, which were the band All That Remains. In preperation for this concert I had listened to the three other bands in hopes of liking them and finding new music. I actually liked All That Remains. Well, some of their songs. And they sound better recorded.

They played Two Weeks, Hold On, The Last Time, and Some of the People All Of the Time, in which the vocalist held those last growling notes for what seemed like entire minutes. They also played others of course. The screen behind them showed war footage and graves and stuff. Two big metal-head guys next to me were singing along, it was kinda cute. Ah, to be a fan.
Unfortunately their set felt very short, or maybe it's because I'm a fan. Also, there was a fight in the moshpit which was distracting. Not that I could see anything, since I'm short.

So finally it was time for Dethklok!

Some Klokateers came out for sound check and I was positively charmed! I hadn't expected that.
The lights dimmed and I was standing in a place where I could see quite well and the live band comes out, and launch into the Dethklok themesong then I Ejaculate Fire. Then from there it's a blur. I know they played Andromeda, Awaken (Mustakrakish), Hatredcopter, Galaxy, Pull the Plug, Murmaider and a cool video for a song I didn't recognize but later identified as Ghostqueen. Then they started Duncan Hill's Coffee Jingle...
...and the power died.
So impromptu drum solo!
When the power came back "Nathan Explosion" said "Let's pretend that never happened, and then make fun of it later" so they re-started Duncan Hill's.
They played Bloodlines and I've said on twitter before that I love the instrumentation in that song, but it's absolutely amazing live. One of the best things I've ever heard.
They played The Gears because if they didn't we all would have rioted.
There was also an overarching "plot" to the concert which I won't go into in case you get to see it some day.
Then Nathan, Skwisgaar and Pickles talked to the audience about Elmo sucking off Skwisgaar, smearing Twinkies on boobs and how this venue had the best power ever, except when it ran out that one time...
For the encore they played Crush the Industry, Fansong and of course, Thunderhorse complete with the original demo pitch segment for the show playing!(NSFW).

Soooo Dethklok have what I call The Muppet Effect in which I completely forget about the Man Behind The Curtain. I completely immerse myself into the reality of the Klok and forgot that hey, there's Brendon Small playing guitar and singing! Right there! I can see him! Oh look Nathan Explosion is many feet tall on a big screen!!

It was great, one of the best concerts I had ever been to. If you get a chance to see Dethklok, I highly recommend it.




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