Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vcon Sneak Peek!

Here's some stuff I'm planning to finish for Vcon. I felt like sharing.
These images in order from most recent to least, with some information about them.
Suicide Bunny
I have been sketching this most of the week and inked and scanned this today. I think it is officially my favorite picture of Suicide EVER. I love his fur pimp coat.

Drow Smoking
Hi Drow!
This is something I've been very slowly working on since March or April of 2012. I have very specific plans for the lighting in this image. I started inking it in GIMP because the arm flipping the bird is actually drawn on a different part of the page. Unfortunately I've gotten better with GIMP and I feel almost like I have to re-ink everything from his neck/wrists down. The proportions are wonky as heck.

GIMPy Anubis
It's two completely different images cobbled together in Photoshop and I started inking it in Paint Tool SAI but it hurt my eyes so I downloaded GIMP and liked that better. But then I kept switching between GIMP and Photoshop (for some reason) and the image file became corrupted. I actually commented on Twitter that "I just wish this image was DONE!"...and then it never opened again. This particular picture you're seeing is a screen-grab of the GIMP interface with the lines visible. I have to re-ink this one from scratch.

I have so much aspirations for this one pic. It has a lot of inspiration behind it and I know the exact feeling I want to cultivate with it, which is why I won't give up. But it's bittersweet at this point.

So, think I'll get all this done before the end of September?


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