Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Ballad of the Renegade Subplot

I know myself too well.

I know myself. I know what parts of a story not to touch until the end, otherwise I'll lose interest. It happened with Project C, it's happening with Elven Lacryment, so apparently it's just the way I work.

Months ago I thought of a new subplot for Next to Godliness but I had trouble wrangling together the logistics of it all.

In June, I was mere paragraphs away from completing Next to Godliness. The climax had been written, and everything was settling and being recollected. It was then, and only then, that I figured out how to work in this subplot. It hit me like a truck with how obvious it was. If I buckled down, I could finish it in no time.

Then I didn't touch the document for weeks.

Early in July I finalized the closing lines, as well as banged away on this elusive subplot. And I have barely poked Next to Godliness in a month.

I worked on it a bit more today but the urge isn't there, because all the important parts are already at their natural conclusion.It makes me wonder if this subplot really needs to be there. I feel it does because it has salacious Gods being salacious as well as fleshes out the reasoning or triggers behind some important events in the overall story.

But, given all that, technically, I'm finished. I got to the point.

I got to the end and this other plot is just a casualty. I'm one of those people who put in all my (obviously biased) ideas in the story and look to my editors and beta-readers to say "no, this doesn't work, take it out.", because my logic tells me that it's better to put something in then take it out rather than not having it in there at all.

So now I'm working on the plot in a separate document and am going to plug it into the main story when it's done. Given this, I can't tell you what Next to Godliness's current wordcount is but the rough approximation is 68,000 words. I can tell you the current page count is 296.

That's what's going on with Next to Godliness. I'm not done, I'm still working, but it's slow.

But I haven't given up.


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