Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Absolute Write April Blog Chain: Dead Bunnies!

Here we are, once again I've decided to sign up for the Absolute Write blog chain. This month's topic is "Dead bunnies".
At first I thought I'd write a small ficlet set in the world of Elven Lacryment about Issues complaining about how all they've been eating is rabbit. Rabbit skewers, rabbit stew, rabbit steaks...
But then I thought I'd do something a bit more personal. Something to help you all get to know me, Q.

Thus, I decided on a new way to approach this topic. So without further ado, I present to you...

My Top Five Favourite Dead Bunnies!

Number 5)
I'll be honest, Frank is the only thing I really remember from Donnie Darko. That having been said, he had a great design and twisted juuuuust right. He obviously left a lasting impression on me as he did with all the other troubled goth kids who thought Donnie Darko was an epic peice of existentialism.

Number 4)
Landstriders from The Dark Crystal.
I guess technically this is cheating because landstriders aren't rabbits but they're just so cool and creative. They're friendly and dedicated fighters and yes, one dies. One screams and dies. Little 7 year old me will forever have that burned into my memory.

Number 3)
Robbie the Rabbit from the Silent Hill series.
While Pyramid Head quick became an icon for Silent Hill as a whole, Robbie first made his debut in Silent Hill 3, as the Mickey Mouse-y mascot of Lakeside Amusement Park. We first found him lying around slaughtered, he was just atmosphere. But soon he showed up in extra things, other SH games, and even DDR and merchandise. He's even been spotted in the upcoming Silent Hill sequel movie!
Robbie has that perfect juxtaposition of cute and creepy that I love. It's so easy to do "Creepy kids thing" wrong but the makers of SH3 did it so, so right.

Number 2)
The Dead Bunny from DooM
12 Year Old Me: "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!" You must understand that this was back when I was still sensitive to animal cruelty in video games. And even then the only animals we had to hurt in serious, non-cartoony violence were dogs, which always made me sad. The final shot in the original DooM was several punches to my gut and possibly watering eyes.

Number 1)
The Maxx
All of you who know me knew this was coming as soon as you read the title. This is kind of hard to explain without getting into spoiler territory. The Maxx is a super-hero who fights evil. He believes that under the mask he is a bunny rabbit.
The Maxx was a cartoon that made me realize that animation could be intelligent, that comics were more than capes and powers, that anime wasn't the be-all and end-all of 'brain-screw' animation. The character of Maxx himself is the sort of protector I think everyone needs. Driven, moral, caring and not squeamish. Also, he'll help you pack your belongings when you're moving to a new home!

So there we are, my top 5 dead bunnies. Now, hop along down the chain and read everyone else's Dead Bunny Blogs.

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magic mint said...

the first thing I thought of was Frank when thinking about what to write for the dead bunnies prompt. Man I loved that movie.

Randi Lee said...

Wow! Did not see this coming. Excellent spin on the assignment. I particularly like the Dark Crystal reference. Great job :)

Diane Carlisle said...

Oh man, we have youtube blocked at my work. I guess I'll have to view them later when I go home!

Can't wait!

Poppy Herrin (aka Penelope on AW) said...

Great entry! I love "lists" (Top 10's, Top 5's, etc.)!

Mari Mitchell said...

What a great take on the subject.

The Bunnies « This Story Needs a Better Name said...

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Suzanne Seese said...

I almost missed you! I went back to check the April chain before May starts.
Good job with the prompt.

Hesap Makinesi said...

Great list! I guess I'm getting old but I love reading about these films I watched when I was a kid... Dark Crystal, talk about a cult movie!

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