Monday, 12 March 2012

Post-Con Report

Once upon a time, in the magical world of My Life, I vowed never to attend a furry convention. This weekend I renounced that vow, spat in the face of old promises and I went to my very first one, VancouFur.

I figured that I had been saying for years that the next time I go to a convention, it would be to sell stuff, but it would never happen if I don't just get off my butt and actually do it. So I did.

It was relatively successful. I made sales, enough that I broke even as well as able to keep myself fed the entire weekend. I also gave out a lot of business cards and got my name out there as well as drummed up public interest for Next to Godliness.

Things I learned.

  • I am a dark artist with a dark, unique style. Yes, of course I knew this but it's nice to get re-affirmation.

  • I should be using Paint Tool Sai instead of Photoshop, apparently.

  • There is a market for photo-manipulation and blended prints.

  • There is a market for poster sized works.

  • There's less love for Anubis than I expected.

  • Paypal is a viable form of payment in person as well.

  • Paypal is Satan and no one should use it ever, viva the revolution or something like that.

  • Furries can be surprisingly way, way less obnoxious than Otaku.

  • The Poison Elves fandom is alive in Vancouver. All three of us.

  • Suicide, the gay bondage elf in my head is still relevant.

  • Someone knew my art by the title of the images. BARONESS CAMAZOTZ!! That's not something you just guess!

  • Deadpool is always relevant.

  • Darkwing Duck and Perry The Platypus is always relevant.

  • Pickles the Drummer is always relevant.

  • Holy crap The Maxx is still relevant!

  • Tim Horton's Rrrrroll Up The Rim is the most unhygienic promotional event ever.

  • I love when a non-Canadian sees The Logdriver's Waltz for the first time

  • I was the only girl in the panel for character development. I invoked Deadpool and Eragon (Thank Kips! I namedropped you.)

It was good, a trial run before Vcon, and I'm actually looking forward to going again next year.


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