Saturday, 12 November 2011

Art: NecroRaver - Clean

Apparently I've been artfully productive. I guess Cthulhu clicked something in me.

So. NecroRaver. In a tub. Yep.

NecroRaver - Clean by ~AnarchicQ on deviantART

We all know that scene, where the drug addict ODs and is awoken by a cold shower and a nice round of vomiting.
NecroRaver here is half-way there. Already in the tub, with the shower running. Cut out the middle man.

I like the loose sketchiness to this one and I don't think I'll expand upon it. And I know the perspective is shot but I don't mind. Also, Necro has long toes!

Inspired by Depeche Mode's "Clean".
Drown in the irony.


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