Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I Don't Blog a Lot

I don't blog a lot and I know no one is wondering why that is or want an explanation but I'm going to give one anyway because it's an excuse to blog.

I don't blog a lot because Dave Sim is a misogynist.

I don't blog a lot because Bobby Crosby is a douche.

I don't blog a lot because Anne Rice is insane.

I don't blog a lot because Peter David hates spoilers.

I don't blog a lot because Gene Simmons is full of lulz.

Knowing all these things I cannot bring myself to enjoy their work. When I try to pick up something they created, I sense only their contempt and their sense of entitlement. I can't forget what they have done or said.

I don't want that to happen to me.

I'm only starting out and I have this apprehension about saying or doing the wrong thing. I, the writer and you the reader don't need to be friends, but there should be a sense of mutual respect between us. I know that I have views that some my find "problematic". I laugh at rape jokes, I don't hate Frank Miller, my sense of feminism doesn't extend past the point of "I as a woman have a right to choose to stay at home and be a mother and wife and not some workaholic if that's what I want to do with my life (Protip: It's not. I hate kids.).", I don't feel the need to champion for social justice and as a disabled person I find the whole concept of "Ableism" freaking annoying and far too PC for it's own good.

I only want to entertain people and get my stories, art and characters out into the world, nothing more. If and when I eventually put my prosthetic foot in my mouth, either by the misinterpretation of others, bad wording on my part or out of context quotes I hope that whatever I might say will not colour future readers to my work and they will be able to separate it from me. Just because I write or say something, does not mean I necessarily believe and endorse it or if I do, that I won't change my mind sometime in the future. People change.

I have no agenda, I only try to live my life according to the following: Give to whatever cause you feel is important if and when you can and be decent to your fellow human beings. Also, everything will kill you, even the air, so relax and enjoy life while you're here.

Don't argue on the internet, point and laugh at those arguing.


Juan said...

Interesting thoughts, Q. In my case, since I blog I love to do it more and more. I can say that it's kind of addictive, and I especially enjoy to interact with my followers. Comments are really important and encouraging to me. :)

You have great graphic stuff here. Congratulations!

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