Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sometimes you just gotta let the bad guys lead the way.

So, I've been working on Blood in The Water off and on for a few months. Unfortunately I don't have a record of when I actually started it, the closest I have is November.

Anyway, it started as a spin-off as the now discarded Keep What You Kill story, with a premise I enjoyed much more: Post-apocalyptic vampires. Because damnit all if I can't stay the hell out of end of the world scenarios!

But my main problem was that there was a certain plot point that was too contrived. I needed a why, and I didn't have one.

And then the antagonist started to speak, and he said the answer to "why" was "Because I, the antagonist, say so."

"Of course!" I exclaim jubilantly. "Genius! Have some pie, Mr. Antagonist." He likes pie.

This all came after I was working on Amethyst Breed for a few weeks. Hopscotching from story to story seems to be how I work best I find. I guess it gives me fresh perspectives.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Internet surfing.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


God, if there was ever a control test for the "PUT WARNINGS ON YOUR FANFIC!" debate, this is it.

Ok, so Amanda FUCKING Palmer is doing something Amanda FUCKING Stupid. (Full disclosure: I am not a fan of Amanda Palmer (nor Neil Gaiman). I'm apathetic to her existence. I supported the tummy pudge indecent though.)

Basically she and this other musician dressed up as conjoined twin musician girls who's back-story is filled with abuse and poverty.

And it's fake. No, Totally, see how EDGY Amanda Palmer is?!

Now, let me walk you through my reaction:

That's SO WRONG!
How is this any different from Alice Cooper and his crutch walking, straight-jacket-wearing, baby stabbing, woman beating self?
Or Lady Gaga? (Whom Palmer apparently hates so I derive a bit of glee from comparing the two of them)
Or Marylin Manson?
Or especially that Brothers of the Head movie?

How can I enjoy Coop and be offended by this? Wouldn't that make me a hypocrite?

I think the difference is, for me, is that deep down, we all know Alice, Manson, Gaga, and Brothers of the Head are fictional. We know that it's all pretend, but when the cameras are off, the fantasy goes to sleep and the artists go back to being regular people.

But Palmer, she has some sort of air of...well, people are calling it ablist bullshit, and it is, but it is also, undeniably art.

In the same way a Myspace camwhore on DeviantArt is art. This work which Palmer created is very War of the Worlds meets Jerry Springer. It's shocking, it's exploitative, and it's ignorant.

But, there's no one to exploit.

Unless you count the fact that Palmer was such a "Saint" to "Rescue" the "girls" and "Help them live out their dream!"
These quotes are getting tiresome.

That's the thing, the whole thing smells of "My Pet Cripple", but now with %100 less disability!

But that's not all, my friends. No, the twins were ABUSED! SEXUALLY!

Amanda, do you know how prevalent sexual, physical and mental abuse is among disabled people? You should look it up. After you do that, maybe you won't brush it aside as a footnote in a character's back story.

The best part of all this? Amanda isn't trying to say anything with this whole thing.
It's not a political statement.
It's not a petition for disability rights/problems/whatever.
It's not about child abuse or prostitution.
It's so Amanda can release music without having to owe her record label another album because apparently there's some sort of SNAFU going on about that.

It. Is All. About. Her.

I'm glad I never liked you, Amanda Fucking Palmer

Monday, 1 February 2010

Macmillan v. Amazon

I only understand the basics of what's going on about the whole Amazon pulling Macmillan books thing. I know it's wrong and I know that Amazon is being a bully.

So, in retaliation, I've removed my Amazon Associate links from my blog and I will be removing them from my webcomics as well.

If this, plus Amazonfail of a few months ago bother you, and you no longer wish to give Amazon your business, I recommend Book Depository. They even have free international shipping! The only down side is that they have no wish-list feature. Maybe that will change. We can hope.

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