Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Absolute Write Blog Chain - One colour.

Yep, time for August's Absolute Write blog chain. This month? If you had to pick one color, and one color only, for an aspect of your writing, which one would it be and why?

The person before me was Semmie and the one after me is CScottMorris

So, what colour do I ascribe to my writing?


Good night everybody!

I'm kidding

Leaving aside that my favorite colour is grey and my favorite time of day is dusk, my favorite season is fall and I love the rain, my writing is grey.

Everything I write seems to be riddled with despair and bleak situations: murder, abandonment, loss of faith, loss of love, emotional manipulation, hunter versus hunted and all those fun things.

I'm not a happy storyteller, where's the fun in that? Mine don't ride off into the sunset, I don't paint in sunset. I paint in muted colours.  Ash, beige, grey.

Not black, not really, black lacks depth and detail. Grey has shades and lights and other aspects to it, no matter how utterly depressing the final product turns out to be in the end.

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FreshHell said...

Grey, color of Doldrums. As is your blog template. Does this color appear in your writing literally or simply metaphorically? Does someone stir the ashes in a fireplace? Collect rocks? Have a kitchen with a granite countertop? Own a Russian Blue cat? I kid. I'm glad someone likes grey. No color should be neglected.

semmie said...

"black lacks depth"
Well...I can't agree with you there... ;)

But otherwise, I love your choice of gray and your description of it. I've never thought about the emotion that gray evokes. Great job. :)

orion_mk3 said...

In keeping with what others have been saying about colors as the sum of their parts, gray is interesting in that it's a mixture of two absolute shades, white and black.

That makes it both intermediary and neutral, a mixture of light/dark, good/evil, or whatever dichotomy one can apply to black and white. Depending on the precise shade, either color can predominate (light with hints of dark, thunderclouds with silver lining) or gray can simply be the midpoint between them.

Claire Gillian said...

I need to go hug my kids now... LOL

Your logic makes perfect sense but since I live in the grey Pacific NW so I don't think I share your love for the grey skies. I'll send them your way.

Aimee Laine said...

Shades of grey ... absolutely. They say a photograph isn't black and white despite what everyone calls it. It's varying degrees of grey from the lightest to the darkest and in that 'lack' of color, we no longer see the image ... but see INTO the imagery. :) So you must be just like that ... see into the stories. :)

April said...

Interesting color choice, but I think I agree that grey has shadows and lights. There are many different shades of grey. I've always thought of grey as a very sad color, and obviously, you do too. Shades of Grey...hmmm...that's a good title idea...

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Rafael said...

Grey is a cool even tempered color. Can be oppressive, sleek or calming. Great choice.

CScottMorris said...

I write in the same manner as you, only I use shades of sepia.
I don like to write, or read, happy and bright sunsets. that holds no interest to me.
Despair and loss and sorry, interest me.

David Zahir said...

Damn. It. I was going to choose grey!!!!!!!!!!!

grumble grumble grumble...

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Sonya Clark said...

Most colors seem to suggest specific emotions but grey is one that can mean whatever you want it to mean. Great job of showing how you see grey and how it relates to your writing.

Danielle said...

Grey is as full of life and meaning as the user allows it to be. An excellent choice because so many times things cannot be black or white, only a shade of grey. Also, I love that you use GREY, not GRAY. I note a difference between them and always have to fight with a spellchecker about it.

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Rebecca Laffar-Smith [The Craft of Writing Fiction] said...

One of the things I love about gray is that it is all things and nothing. The balance of light and darkness, it's shadow falling out of shadow. Like you, I love the rain and the softer gray of gentle cloud cover always seem to make the world brighter than full sun. When I drive in the early overcast morning I'm far more blinded than driving through sun-shining blue.

Gray also feels like an embracing and accepting color. If you consider that white is all colors combined on the light spectrum and black is absence of color, gray is the blend of the two that says, "we don't have to be all or nothing." Grey embraces the between which is where the greatest myths and mysteries hide. :-)

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