Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Absolute Write July Blog Chain - Symbiotic Sympathy.

"I know why were here," he says as he places a short glass full of Pepsi with a shot or two of Crown Royal down in front of me. "You're trying to cast me in a sympathetic light because you joined that damn Absolute Write Blog Chain again. The person who tried this before, with their puppet was IrishAnnie, and the one after you will be Proach. This should be fun."

"That could be one way of looking at it," I say, swishing around my glass to the cubes make sweet little sounds. "Where should we begin?"

"Where indeed? You don't really expect this to be simple, do you? People are going to, are required to read this. You don't think I'm going to open the deepest part of my heart, or mind, or past or whatever you want to call it, to a flock of strangers?"

"Well, technically I could make you say whatever I want you too. I could make you talk about the time you rescued a litter of newborn kittens from a snow storm."

"Now who's the overbearing control freak, Q?" He says my moniker with contempt, because he knows my real name but he's kind enough not to say it, though he lords the fact over me.

"You are, NecroRaver." I answer with a similar tone to his. I know his name, but I'm kind enough not to say it. Then I drop the act and sigh. "C'mon. The sooner we get through this, the sooner we can do other things."

He relents. "Fine. So," he kicks his skinny legs onto his desk and slouches back in his chair. "Why me? Why not the Big Bad Villain in Elven Lacryment, or Blood in the Water? Why me?"

"Because you're the ultimate villain in my headspace, full stop. Very few of my characters that reside in the Q-niverse don't fear you. You're kind of transcendent."

NecroRaver smirks. "I'm touched. I expect that we're to re-tread old ground then, for the neophytes who are going to read this? Like I said, I'm not going spelunking into my deep, dark, chocolaty soul."

"You keep me alive."

"For the benefit of no one but myself and my city."

"But you still keep me alive, through all the surgery, the mania brought on by pain, the darker times, anger management, you keep me sane."

He steeples his fingers, the tips of his mechanical left hand look more talon-like than I'm used to. "Because you made me. I'm a creature of your creation, you're my version of God. You know my thoughts about God."

"We both want to punch God in the face sometimes." I agree. "Maybe we're our own pantheon. You're God to your followers, I'm your God in the Creationist sense because I made you. And I've treated you very well."

He tilts his head, miss-matched eyes flickering around the spacious, ornate office. "I can't argue with that. But if I may, I believe you're going about this whole post wrong. You're making vague reference to things no one who doesn't know us cares about."

"And your solution to that is...?"

"Maybe I'm not a creature worthy of sympathy, short of your self-centred points of view. But, maybe that's enough. Why should any readers care about me or what I do, what makes me tick? Sometimes an antagonist doesn't need to make his motivations clear."

"Everyone always wants to know the why."

"Do they? Amazing characters have often fallen aside once their past, generic or cliche as it turns out to be, is revealed. Maybe I just do what I do with no sense or remorse or wonder. Again, maybe I'm impossible to sympathize with."

"You're rambling," I point out as I take a slight interest in the fact that my ice cubes are melting.

"Lecturing," he corrrects me. "Would I really be what I am if I lent myself to sympathy? Not everyone can sympathize, and not everyone is capable of receiving it. Sometimes, there's no tragic doomed love, or abusive home-life, or poverty or murder. Sometimes a sociopath is merely a sociopath."


"You can show yourself out, Q. As for the reader, you have somewhere else to be."

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Collectonian said...

LOL, can't say I felt very sympathetic for him (though Q on the other hand...*grin*), but that was a very creative and fun twist, and gave me a good chuckle.

Hillary J. said...

This is fantastic. I feel both menaced and intrigued by your mock-terview. Was he sympathetic? Yes, in an existential way. Not so much in a "you poor dear" way. Very nice.

tavia said...

I like that a lot. I like both of you as characters. makes me want to read you blog for more of this! :)

David Zahir said...

Well, I can sympathize in that folks do try to come up with easy, pat answers about people they don't understand. It is irritating, and not a little bit insulting. For someone on the "evil" side maybe even moreso.

Aimee Laine said...

"“Everyone always wants to know the why.”" So true, whether it's the good guy or the bad. :)

Marieke said...

LOL That was great, in an intriguing kind of way.

Ruth said...

This is SO AWESOME! Double thumbs up! :)

M.R.J. Le Blanc said...

Really great interview! I agree with others, it was rather intriguing.

April said...

Haha, that was awesome! Definitely going to continue visiting your blog. :)

Claire Gillian said...

I love the way you did this month's blog chain post, very fun and creative and your antagonist did a great job piercing the veil and coming at us readers. I liked that he was haughty enough to defy letting us know him better, ultimate bad guy.

Nina Hansen said...

Wow! This was different - not at all what I expected, and full of surprise twists and juicy little witticisms. This made me want to read much more of your writing. Excellent job!

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