Monday, 12 July 2010

30 Days of Music Meme day 12

Day 12 - A song from a band you hate
I'm a strong believer that any band or performer will have at least one song I like. I like the songs What I am and Stan by Eminem.
I like The Man that You Fear, Theatre, Coma White and The New Shit by Marilyn Manson.
I like Broken and Last Breath by Evanescence.
I like White Stripes' cover of Joleen.
I like Dragula and Living Dead girl.
I like Hystaria by Muse.
I like Push by Moist.
I like a few Tea Party songs.
I like Machine Head and Chemicals Between us by Bush.

Here's a song I don't like, by a band I don't like, I just find it freakin' hilarious.


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