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Absolute Write June Blog Chain - a scene that describes your character.

We’re here again imaginary readers that I know I don’t have! Once more I participate in the Absolute Write Blog Chain. This month’s topic is Post a scene that describes or defines your main character’s attitude. The post before me is by Cowgirl Poet and the following one is by Littlebearz.

Last blog chain I delved into Necropolis and Project C and the one before that I prattled on and on about the characters of Amethyst Breed, this time let’s talk about Next to Godliness.

The premise of Next to Godliness involves someone going around murdering mythological beings of various pantheons. When the more powerful Gods like Odin and Zeus search for the murderer, they ask Anubis to get a confession through torture. He complies but it really needles at his conscience.

Anubis is my favourite mythological figure and if I could believe in him, I would worship him. Having said that, when I do die, I hope Anubis greets me. People often have delusions as they’re dying and I have mine all picked out.

My interpretation of Anubis is of a quiet, proud and respectful figure, an old soul who puts a lot of stock into the rites he created and performs. Most of his angst comes from the changing world and not knowing what that means to and for him.

In this scene, Anubis angst about the trial, coerced confessions, and his own existence.

Anubis slouched in his throne, keeping his eyes closed and ears clapped to the subtle murmurs of the spirits that inhabited his domain. He felt poorly, tired and ashamed of what he had done, of what they made him do. Anubis had desecrated the sacred rites and he was unsure what exactly that entailed. Did that mean the rites were moot? Were there ways to re-instate the holiness of his tools? Of the rite? Perhaps the time for such archaic rituals has long since passed. But if the old traditions no longer held any meaning, than did he too have no meaning? And if he had no meaning, did that mean he was going to become non-existent?

Was he doomed to die?

Anubis shuddered at the thought, sitting in fear of his own mortality for the first time that he could recall.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said, walking to him under a blanket of stars that seemed so far away in his Underworld. “I made myself not think it. It’s much better that way.”

“Camazotz,” Anubis looked the lean bat-like goddess over and gave to her a nod in greeting. “I would ask if you have been well, but gathering from your comment, I suppose you have not.”

“No worse nor better than you, my dear friend,” she answered. “But do not tell the others. People perceive me in a certain way and I’d like to maintain that.”

“We can’t let them know that the Goddess of Sacrifice and Night has a heart, now can we?” Anubis said with a bitter tongue.


“This is going to get worse before it gets better, I assume.”

“I am not a prophet, my friend,” Camazotz said gently, folding her arms across herself and thereby cocooning her body in the thin membrane of her wings. “And without the Fates, there is no aim for anything I suspect.”

“Were you at the Trial?” Anubis asked, offering his clay carafe of wine to her.

“You looked so handsome,” she accepted the wine, dipping her blood-seeking tongue into the mouth of the jar. As she lapped up the drink, beads of wine burst on her taste buds and ran down her throat like veins as she swallowed, then she would dip her tongue back into the jug. “And yet so troubled.” She added between sips.

“Well then,” Anubis held out his hand for the jug. “Who do you suspect committed the deed?”

“I have my suspicions.”

The ridge over Anubis’ eye raised. “Mm?”

“Eris of course.”

“I imagine Athena already came to that conclusion and then dispelled it somehow.” Anubis took another pull of wine, wobbling slightly as he did so.

“Did you see Eris at the Trial?”

Anubis thought for a moment, eyes losing focus as the scene played itself in his memory. “Not that I can recall.” He answered, in a distant tone.

“While her absence does not automatically make her guilty, it does raise questions.”

“And more to the point,” Anubis said. “I haven’t the faintest clue what could kill a God, save for stagnation. But even then, we just sort of fade away into obscurity. We would not end up in our realms of Death.”

Camazotz observed him, the intense yet far away stare in his eyes, the way he was looking past the horizon and into nothing. “You are afraid.”

“And rightfully so.” Anubis asserted. To that, Camazotz gave a gentle exhale.

“My dear, beloved friend Anubis,” she said gently, taking his long muzzled face in her hands. His short fur was like silk to her sunken eyes. She once again took the wine from his hand, and put it’s opening to his mouth, letting the sweet, intoxicating drink slip down his throat and spill out his mouth and down his chest. “Everything will be as it will be. There is nothing any of us can do to slow or stop it. Yet in the end, we will prevail. We will win.”

She tilted his head downward slightly and unrolled her long tongue, stroking it affectionately down the ridge crown of Anubis’ skull from eyes to the nape of his neck.

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Proach said...

I really liked this piece. I was instantly drawn to the characters and I like the exchange between Anubis and Camazotz.

AW Blogchain June 2010- Attitude « A Writer's House said...

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Ellen said...

Ooo, interesting! Good dialogue, and I like Anubis so far :)

CScottMorris said...

I find it very interesting that you have set up Anubis and Camozotz as friends/lovers. Nice mixing of pantheons.

Max Eichelberger said...

This is a dream come true. Age of Mythology, comes alive! :)

devero said...

Hmmm... I want to know more. I love Egyptian mythology, and I have never read a contemporary piece with the gods as main characters, most people jump to the Greeks. Very interesting.

AW Blog Chain June 2010 « The Mystic Crossroads Blog said...

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Lyra said...

Love the mix of the different pantheons and how the story is about the gods and their own fate and there seeming inability to stop or even understand what will happen to them.

Aimee Laine said...

"Everything will be as it will be. There is nothing any of us can do to slow or stop it."
I think that's true of any world and any life. :)

Claire Gillian said...

It is both interesting and foreign to me to read a serious conversation between, for all outward appearances, a bat and a dog. Their thoughts and actions are so human like yet their physical movements and appearances are animal-like.

AW June Blog Chain–Dori Callahan Revealed « Claire Gillian said...

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Danielle (Arctic Fox) said...

Oh wow...I LOVE LOVE LOVE mythology. My first degree is in Anthropology and I hope to teach a World Mythology class this fall. I am actually in Honduras right now and a couple weeks ago I went to the Copan Ruins. The had temples to Camazotz there and I got to sit in them! A sadly under used piece of mythology because I find the Mayan mythology fascinating. I am impressed.

AnarchicQ said...

Thank you! Did you get any pictures of the temples? I'd live to see them.
I'm glad I portrayed her well. On that note, I know that Camazotz is traditionally male, but I like to shake things up, besides, there needs to be more strong female characters in media.

Katherine said...

I've done a lot of reading on mythology when I was younger; it was a foundation for what I ended up writing. This is fascinating and very true-to-form. Love it.

AnarchicQ said...

Oh, I'm so glad. The prose is purposefully grandiose because I'm dealing with gods so I figured it was appropriate. I was a little worried it was too purple or pretentious, but it seems to be working.

Katherine said...

yarr. Just noticed I mis-typed my site URL. It's

Apologies! Often I type before I think.

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