Friday, 11 June 2010

About Books

Last book that you read: I'm currently reading Blindness, but the last book I finished reading was Keeping Faith by Jodi Pocoult. I liked it, probably my favorite of hers that I read, though I related to My Sister's Keeper more.

Last book that you bought: I purchased The Lovely Bones for my sister for Christmas. I read it after she did.

Last book that you disliked: Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I couldn't feel sympathy for anyone, the relationships were forced and everyone was a weepy child or a lost, whiny adult. Jordan and his family was cool though.

Last book you read that made you excited about something: Umm...Let the Right One In. That is how a vampire love story should be written.

Last book that made you cry: Books don't make me cry, but I did cry while reading the final issue of The Maxx yeeeaaaars ago.

Last book that made you laugh, hard: DooM: Hell on Earth. It still wasn't as bad as the first book but...oh my.

Last book that you recommended to someone else: House of Leaves. Everyone needs to read this book.


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