Thursday, 27 May 2010

Necropolis microfiction - Closure

NecroRaver let out a lazy sigh. "Yeah, that feels nice."
He was leaning back with his head between Ng's thighs, the curve of his skull pillowed sweetly on the mound of her clothed sex, though her skirt was hiked up to almost shameless levels. Her fingers worked NecroRaver's temples, pressing slow circles into the hollows flanking his brow. His body was laying outstreched along a couch, and a long firearm rested between his own skinny legs, like an obscene phallic symbol. It was polished and more importantly, it was loaded.

"Ng, did you know that there's nothing quite like staring down the scope of a sniper rifle?"

Ng smiled. "No sir, I didn't. But I can imagine. Sir?"

"Yes, Ng?"

"Why are you here? What are you doing here? Why tend to this matter yourself? Why not the faceless men, or MJ? That's why they're here."

NecroRaver looked at his target's back through the window. The man was working hard, as any good employee should. He was a newcomer and had never steered NecroRaver wrong. Indeed, he even created for his master a great gadget that helped him keep track of his city.

"He is a delicate case. He has access to sensitive information. I thought it wise to handle him myself. The fewer eyes, the better." NecroRaver purred as the massaging continued. Ng was good at her job. "You make it hard to stay awake." It was a compliment and Ng smiled.

So once again he focused his eye down the scope of the gun, catching his target in the cross-hairs. He pulled the trigger effortlessly, almost carelessly.

The sound of the bullet was reduced to a sigh as it shot from the silencer. The following ping of the bullet cracking through the glass almost seemed louder. NecroRaver didn't need the sight to see his target slouch and the laptop screen flicker and die.

"Well. That takes care of that." He'd have someone clean it up in a few hours.

(Written Oct 31st 2009. I was in a mood when I wrote this, the mood has since passed. NecroRaver always gets pissy around Hallowe'en.)


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