Thursday, 20 May 2010

Movie Review: Gamer

For my birthday, my friend came over with alcohol and we watched Gamer.
What to say, what to say? It was definitely a shut-your-brain-off-and-enjoy movie. At one point I said "This is going to be one of those movies you watch and forget about it an hour later." How right were we.

So, it was sub-par predictable crap with Ludacris doing his best Max Headroom impression. As I mentioned, there was alcohol. About half-way through the movie we decided to play a drinking game. We decided to drink whenever...

  • there were boobs/sex
    The 'fat guy' was on screen
    there was an explosion
    someone swore.
    There was violence

  • Within 5 minutes we both began to feel ill from the amount of continuous drinking.

    And what's really sad? I remember a mid 90's cartoon called Spicy City that did it better (Links not safe for work.).

    Not a very good movie. Too predictable, too derivative.


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