Thursday, 27 May 2010

May AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain - The Soundtrack

This month’s AbsoluteWrite Blog chain question is What does your story/character(s) sound like?

This is the second time I’m taking part in the AbsoluteWrite blog chain. The post before me is by IrishAnnie and the one after me is Harri3tspy.

I have play-lists, sound-tracks or themesongs for almost every substantial character I write. I’ve been able to plot and choreograph scenes completely around a single song while managing to make the scene independent of the song. I think this comes from my experience as an AMV enthusiast and editor.

Sometimes a song is just so bloody perfect, I can’t help adopting it as a pet theme but it gets weird when characters latch on to songs that I myself despise, like when my whole clan of dark elves decided they liked Nine Inch Nails’ Closer. Or Moroi decided she liked Imaginary by Evanescence. Or anything to do with Marilyn Manson…

Me, being me, credit a lot of my inspiration to Alice Cooper, especially the Brutal Planet and Dragontown albums. 90 percent of those albums were direct influence for Necropolis alone. When I was first fleshing out NecroRaver and his city, dark, angsty Q was listening only to those two albums.

And then I was introduced to the music of Nick Cave and the character of NecroRaver exploded in bad-assery. (The fact Mr. Cave is a dead ringer for Necro only added fuel to the fire…)

Musically NecroRaver has grown into himself, choosing an ecclectic mix of classic rock, Eurosynth, epic, deathmetal…

See what I mean for yourself.
Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode: Blasphemus Rumours
Blind Guardian: Edge of Thorns
Clan of Xymox: Medicine
Neuroactive: Shrieks and sighs
Alice Cooper: Gimme
Alice Cooper: Sex, Death & Money
Alice Cooper: I just wanna be God
Cheap trick: I was Born to raise Hell
Covenent: Bullet
Emerson Lake & Palmer: Lucky Man
Billy Joel: Only the Good Die Young
Marilyn Manson: The Man that you Fear
Nick Cave: Hallelluja
Nick Cave: Loverman
Nick Cave: Bring it on
Covenent: Love, Crooked Love
Tea Party: Walking Wounded
David Bowie: Scary Monsters & Super Creeps
Type O Negative: Hey Peter (Or Nick Cave’s Hey Joe)
The Beatles: Piggies

Now, for various spoilery reasons I won’t get into Project C’s entire playlist but here are a select few songs from it.
Five Man Electrical Band: I’m a Stranger Here
SuperTramp: The Logical Song
A Perfect Circle: The Noose
Rob Dougan: Furious Angels
VNV Nation: Illusion
Supertramp: Child of Vision
SOAD: Chop Suey!

Strange mix there, huh?

At this time, I’d like to apologize for rambling on and on about NecroRaver, but he’s gaining a fan following and it’s making me giddy. I’m sorry.

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Ellen said...

Quite a different mix, but all good ones! w00t, someone else who likes VNV Nation <3
Funny how characters sometimes decide things for themselves, isn't it? :)

Harriet M. Welsch said...

I love the way characters sometimes take on traits you don't necessarily plan for. I think it's usually a good sign when you can allow your characters the freedom to attach to things that aren't your cup of tea. I'd better get on my post!

David Zahir said...

Thanks so much for sharing (even if I barely recognize two of the artists mentioned *g* ).

Aimee Laine said...

"At this time, I’d like to apologize for rambling on and on about NecroRaver, but he’s gaining a fan following and it’s making me giddy. I’m sorry."

Never apologize for excitement! :) Great post!

Claire Gillian said...

Ooh Supertramp! I loved them. Personal Jesus is awesome too.

AW May Blog Chain: Music « spynotes said...

[...] Anarchicq (last one) [...]

AnarchicQ said...

I know! I grew up on Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac and The Travelling Wilbuys. Once in music class out teach played The Logical Song, and Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and I was the only kid who knew either song and the class fell in love with the songs. I knew those songs before they were cool! HAH!

AnarchicQ said...

To be fair I only know the one song. I found it through this mashup
I strongly suggest watching it, it's beautiful and sad.

Danielle (Arctic Fox) said...

That's a pretty hard core list! Nicely done!

roh morgon > music to write by & AW’s May Musical Blog Chain said...

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Aheïla said...

Yet another playlist that navigates familiar waters but bring out artists unknown to me (adds the link to favorite to dig in the whole list later).
"it gets weird when characters latch on to songs that I myself despise" Right there with you. I have a love/hate reaction when characters surprise me like that. Sometimes they manage to sneak their decision in, almost unoticed, but sometimes it hits me hard and I go "Where the hell does that come from?" on them.
Ah... characters...

Ruth said...

Great post! Nice job...

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