Thursday, 27 May 2010

A little Necropolis crap

It was not often that NecroRaver left his domain on business. Usually he had a diplomat or messenger go in his place, but this was a delicate matter and he had something to fetch.

She had the looks typical of a spoiled heiress plus one tell-tale baby bump. Last he saw of her was nearly five months ago, when the deal was discussed and planted on promises and oral contracts.

"I heard that you pulled the plug on your father this morning," NecroRaver said to her while examining the drink bar. "Am I meant to give you my condolences or my congratulations?"

She dismissed the question. "How can I help you?" She asked, pulling out the chair behind her father's desk and making quite the show of simply sitting. Her stomach was full, but far from burdensome and NecroRaver felt that her dramatics were too thick.

"In December you came to me with an offer. Your father and I were in negotiations of a buy-out of Hellstrom Enterprises and all associated assets. And then you came along, his long lost daughter."

"I am his daughter, tests prove that."

"Oh, I'm not disputing that, Victoria, you have Victor's eyes."

"You were looking at my father's eyes?" She scoffed. "Queer."

NecroRaver ignored the slight on his sexuality. "It is very important to be able to read one's intent when negotiating. Eyes can be very honest."

She looked bored.

"So you came along, and my dealings with Victor were frozen. After all, now he had someone to leave his legacy too after he was gone. Your father was diagnosed with his illness, his will drawn anew, leaving all to you. And rightfully so."

"...and?" Victoria prompted.

"And then, before the ink was even dry on the document, you came to me and promised me all of his assets, for one weekend with me."

She smiled. She had a camera-practised smile, fake and symmetrical. "I remember. It was a great weekend. Couch. Desk. We started on your desk, right?"

He chuckled. "My maids were furious at the mess."

She laughed, too. "I'll bet."

NecroRaver's laughter ceased. "And now that he's dead, I've come to retrieve what's mine."

"Ohh...Oh, I see. Of course." Victoria rose to her swollen feet and walked over to her purse. After rummaging within it for a moment, she pulled out a key ring. She walked to a portrait of the late Victor Hellstrom Jr., and swung it to the side like an opening door. Behind the painting was a safe. Victoria took hold of dial and spun out the numbers to unlock it. Opening it, she pulled out a safety deposit box. A key from the ring unlocked the box and she tossed a small digital pad NecroRaver's way.

NecroRaver caught the pad and turned it on.

"All the contacts, passwords, addresses and hard numbers are on that thing. And the safe's combo is my birthday."

"Thank you, that's helpful. I'll show myself out." He turned to go.

"Enjoy it while you can," she said as she took her seat once again behind her father's desk. "You have about...oh, five months?"

NecroRaver turned to look at Victoria. "What makes you say that?"

"Oh, well. Hellstroms take family very seriously. I mean, I know that you're even more well off than daddy was, so, like, I had you fuck me so I'd get pregnant with your kid. When you die, I get all your stuff too."

He looked her in the eye, she was telling the truth. "You're certain it's mine?"

"Yes. I planned it, even stopped drinking, smoking and dating, just to make sure it could only be yours."

NecroRaver smoothed out his dress shirt with a hand. "Hn. Good plan. Good plan, I mean that." Idly he walked back to the bar and plucked up an olive from a bowl, tossing it into his mouth. "It required planning, timing," he gestured to her body. "obvious sacrifice of your looks, leisure. And it's devious, too."

"Yep." Victoria leaned back, weaving her fingers together and resting her palms on her belly. "I think the first thing I'll do once I inherit your town is rename it. Necropolis is so..." She hesitated, searching for an appropriate word. "Old sounding." The folly of youth, to imply that old is an insult. "Do you want to know what else I'd do?"

"I'm sure you've thought long and hard about it. Planned out every little street sign. But there's one problem. The child isn't mine."

"I already said-..."

"I know what you said."

"Than what makes you so sure that it's not yours?"

"What makes you so certain that it is mine?"

"Because I-...I timed it. My time and-..."


"And it's yours, you dick! This bastard's yours and you better get used to it."

NecroRaver ran a hand through his long black hair. "It's not mine."

Victoria softened and stood from her father's chair. She walked over to NecroRaver, her fingers gliding over the polished ivory of Victor's desk. "Denial is natural. If you want proof, we can test him after he's born." She took NecroRaver's hand, the one made of flesh and not metal, and placed it on the curve of her belly.


"Or she. And then you can know he's yours. We could even get married and be a family, if those sorts of things are important to you. NecroRaver, I don't want any bad blood between us."

"Well," NecroRaver drummed his fingers against Victoria's stomach in idle thought. "You've seem to have accounted for everything. But it's not mine." He gave a toothy, arrogant smile, his silver fangs flashing against the sunset colours of Victoria's eyes.

She threw his hand from her stomach, furious and childishly impudent in the shadow of NecroRaver's refusal of fatherly responsibilities. "It is. Gimme one good reason why it's not."

"Because, my dear. God knew that having one of me was trouble enough. If he gave me the ability to breed, all Hell would break loose. He saw fit to neuter this dog long before it's time." He enjoyed watching her jaw drop, relishing the sight and taking a mental picture before heading out the door.

"I suggest you name the child after your father. Victor was a good man. Oh, and..." He pulled the door open farther, holding it wide. "You and your bastard, get the hell out of my office."

(June 7th 2009)


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