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AbsoluteWrite April Blog Chain: What would it be like to meet your novel characters?

Hello all, this is my first time participating in the Absolute Write blog chain. The subject: What would it be like to meet your novel's characters.
As this is a chain, I am but a link (How pretentious sounding of me, eh?). The link before me is Aimee Laine and the one after me is Breddings.

My characters and I are very close. They're each a part of me. ShadowWolf is my stoic perseverance, Drow is my ego, and NecroRaver is all the dark stuff in my head. I talk to and with them and sometimes they talk to people who aren't me. Especially Drow, he's strangely independent.

But what if I met one of them, face to face, flesh and blood? This was a hard question for me to answer at first because I have over 100 characters and not all of them are for my novels.

I've chosen the characters of Amethyst Breed due to the fact that I've been working on it over the last few days.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Jayne Doe"]Jayne Doe[/caption]

One of the characters is a shape shifter named Jayne Doe. Jayne was created to look like a typical roswell grey alien, but punk. It's funny because I actually have a phobia of grey aliens, they freak me out. Sometimes I wonder what's freakier: if the alien stares at you unblinking, or if they do indeed blink, thus proving that they can move and therefore go after you. Oddly, the other night I managed to watch Fire in the Sky again, and then a documentary about Hanger 18 and Roswell. Both were watched without flinching. I'm cured!
But anyway, back to Jayne.

If I met Jayne in real life, the initial reaction would be fear considering my phobia. Once she managed to calm me down I think we'd get along nicely. We'd have scads to talk about, we both know we're weird and embrace the freakish persona because hey, if you're weird you might as well go all out. Jayne has a friendly disposition and a good sense of humour. We would go clothes shopping and she would make me a pair of pants and some arm warmers because that's how she rolls. Anyone can find a true friend in Jayne.

If I met Syrin, we would discuss comic books for hours like stupid little fangirls. When we were done with that we would ponder the awesomeness of Dethklok. And she seems so mild mannered, too.

[caption id="attachment_102" align="alignright" width="213" caption="Ehren"]Ehren[/caption]

Then there's Ehren. Meeting Ehren would be interesting. We both have stumps instead of feet (Ok, so I have one foot, at least.) but I've learned with my time as an amputee that the only people who 'get it' are other amputees. I'd be curious to learn how Ehren walked on his stumps, what the pressure of his body on such a small surface area felt like, blisters and things like that.

I haven't talked about the antagonist yet! If I met her I would probably lose all bladder control. In my mind she moves like a Tool stop-motion video, yet another thing that freaks me out. I would run from her, you know, if I could run...

Maybe Amethyst Breed is some sort of catharsis for me?

Ok, I submit. It doesn't seem right to make this post without at least nodding to Project C so I will.
If I met the protagonist of Project C, I'd simply hug him really, really tight. I wouldn't say anything I don't think, he wouldn't care if I did anyway. I'd just hug him because as an entity, he's brought me a lot. It was his story that really got me off my ass to try my hand at serious writing and pursuit of publication. It was his story that distracted me while I was bed ridden and in pain. He inspired me and helped me prove to myself that I can actually finish something and have a worthwhile goal. I expect I sound like a complete virgin writer, which I am, but it's all true. I wrote to get his world out there and I owe him a lot. So if I met him, I would hug him.

And then he'd probably yell at me for the Hell I put him through, that is if he realizes that I am, in fact, his god.

The AW April Blog Chain
Forbidden Snowflake:


David Zahir said...

Woah. I'm already interested in reading about her...

Stacey Espino said...

Very different and cool. I guess all writers are 'gods' to their characters which is a lot of responsibility.


AnarchicQ said...

Yes, it is a responsibility. Or, I could just be a bitch to him. It's my prerogative.
In all seriousness though, he's the type of character who would resent me for putting him through everything. You know the type.

Proach said...

I talk to my characters too. They are not me, but they are a part of me and I consider them my best friends. Amazing post, Anarchicq. Getting into your characters head and becoming a part of them is what story telling is all about.

Claire Gillian said...

Fire in the Sky scared the bejeezus out of me. I used to spend a lot of time in Roswell, NM but never made it to the UFO museum. My inlaws lived in Elephant Butte, NM and swore they once saw a UFO flying over their boat one night on the lake. All that area is very military-oriented so you never know what you might see. Very interesting characters you have.

AnarchicQ said...

heehee....Elephant Butte. *Is six*

Ann Vevera said...

It's really cool that your fictional character has helped you deal with a tough reality. Keep writing --and use your experiences to create rich stories!

Aimee Laine said...

"And then he’d probably yell at me for the Hell I put him through, that is if he realizes that I am, in fact, his god."
LOVE that. I love that we know these characters and expect that they should know us!!

AnarchicQ said...

He has quite the crisis of faith in Project C. If he found out God was a crippled red-head chick writing for shits and giggles he's probably snap. Writing is FUN!

FreshHell said...

OOoh, and we even get illustrations! Nice.

Raven Corinn Carluk said...

Punked out gray alien. That's pretty cool. Phobias not withstanding.

Aheïla said...

What a great cast! And I love the artwork as well!

I am also one of those who talks to her characters. And argues with them. And thinks they too often win the argument.

Life experiences is priceless when it comes to stories. It enriches them and turns them into your own brand of storytelling.

Razib Ahmed said...

My knowledge of the aliens is mainly limited to watching the X-files. After reading your entry, I thought that I should try to know some more about the aliens.

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