Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sometimes you just gotta let the bad guys lead the way.

So, I've been working on Blood in The Water off and on for a few months. Unfortunately I don't have a record of when I actually started it, the closest I have is November.

Anyway, it started as a spin-off as the now discarded Keep What You Kill story, with a premise I enjoyed much more: Post-apocalyptic vampires. Because damnit all if I can't stay the hell out of end of the world scenarios!

But my main problem was that there was a certain plot point that was too contrived. I needed a why, and I didn't have one.

And then the antagonist started to speak, and he said the answer to "why" was "Because I, the antagonist, say so."

"Of course!" I exclaim jubilantly. "Genius! Have some pie, Mr. Antagonist." He likes pie.

This all came after I was working on Amethyst Breed for a few weeks. Hopscotching from story to story seems to be how I work best I find. I guess it gives me fresh perspectives.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Internet surfing.


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