Sunday, 17 January 2010

Movie Review: Fame (2009)

Oh dear. Oh...oh dear.
Well, um, the musical numbers were good?

I never saw the the original movie so I can't compare the two but I found this greatly disappointing. In a time where we have Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Repo!, and even the horrible Rent, it's easy to see why they decided to reboot the film. Money, of course.

The problem lay in the fact that there were too many characters to focus on and too many plot lines were just glossed over. To make matters worse, the time the movie spans is four years. With no sense of passage of time other than notifications of "Freshman year", "Sophomore year" glittering across the bottom corner of an otherwise black screen.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

One character is told by a producer that if he provides $5,000 dollars, they'll produce his short film. Character gets the money, gives it to producer, then, surprise surprise, Producer skips out on him with his money.

Then we're told it is now senior year.

How the hell did that character handle the situation? What was the resolution?

Oh, and speaking of Chicago, in the movie, they were going to do a production of it. It's mentioned twice, one lame audition, and one as set up for Black Girl's character arc. Then we never mention it again. We don't get to see it performed or anything. It's like the writer's had instant amnesia.

Every single story line in this movie except for the one belonging to the talented black girl ends up like this.

Other than talented black girl and quirky Asian girl, I hated all the characters. Everyone was one dimensional and shallow. There was no sense of personal improvement or struggle or anything that was compelling at all.

Don't waste your time.


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