Friday, 11 December 2009

Black Matrix: All of the work for a fifth of the price!

So, as anyone who cares about the publishing world knows by now, Black Matrix's pay rates are 1/5th of a cent per word. ONE FIFTH of one cent. Per word.

And some people are ok with this.

Seriously, people? Seriously?! Are you so desperate to get published that any little acknowledgement is good enough for you? That one word you crafted, let's say it was the best damned perfect word in your entire manuscript, isn't even worth a whole penny?

Why are you selling yourself so short? It makes you appear that you have no confidence in your work or respect for yourself.

Others still, are defending Black Matrix, insisting that "We can't all be multi-published authors and we're just struggling little folk trying to make it, stop being cliquey!"

...I am not a commercially published author by any stretch of the word, though I am trying hard to be. But come on, guys! I'm longing, I'm hoping, and I'm wishing, but I'm not an idiot. No matter how much I tell people "It's not about the money, I just want to get my stories out there." doesn't mean that the Powers That Be can walk all over me and not pay me what I deserve for having put in the time, effort and love (and hate) into the project.

Here's a fun fact! On Elven Lacryment I have two ad-spots provided through Project Wonderful. I've set the ad's base prices to 10 cents and 5 cents respectively. Currently, as I'm typing this, one of the spots is earning 20 cents and the other is earning it's 10 cents. I am earning 30 cents on my webcomic right now, just by running ads. Of course, some days it's less and some days it's more, but the website manages to sustain itself. I'm pretty sure that the comic's entire run has less than 1000 words in it. My comic earns more online, unpublished, than it would if Black Matrix touched it.

They're not helping you, they're preying upon you.

Did you know that one of the requirements for a publishing company to be part of SFWA is to have a pay rate of at least five cents a word?

How can you not see what a dis-service you're doing to yourself and your story? How can you treat your characters, your world that way?

Your art deserves better than that.


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