Thursday, 19 November 2009

OTW's archive has been open for not even a week...

And there's already wank about it.
I too, have a problem with the warning labels omiting 'dubcon'. Sometimes I'm very uncomfortable lableing something "Noncon/rape". One fic I have up there has the warnings "Noncon/rape" and the tags "Comfort/Angst" and "hurt". It gives me a squicky feeling.

Yes, I can put my own tags in, I can warn for "dubcon" or "yuri" or "beastiality" or "watersports" if I want. But I shouldn't have to. These aren't tags, they're warnings. A tag is "AU" or "WAFF".

I realize that the fic is in closed beta and not everything is set in stone, but where is our promised ideal system. Hell, FFN has more options than AO3. AFFN has more options than AO3. My Repo! and Silent Hill archives sure as hell have more options than AO3.

Looks like this is going to be the last great wank of '09.


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