Thursday, 5 November 2009

Further Education and Future Planning

Some of you, probably know that for the last month I've been taking a course on how to get published. It helps the students write query letters, CVs, synopsis and so forth. I'm enjoying it immensely and I want more.

I like that I like school and learning. I was crap at it back in, y'know, school. Mostly because I didn't care. It didn't interest me. But now everything is more or less falling in to place.

I am considering two courses. One is about manga and graphic novels, and writing them, and the other is the writing for children one that I was all ready to take in 2007, but couldn't due to illness.

Why these two? Because I want to really, truly and seriously want to take a real shot at A Girl Called Kermit and I think these two courses could be a powerful force in it's realization.  AGCK needs to be completely torn down and re-structured. It's messy and old. Kermit herself has changed design slightly to become a clearer entity. I have to separate it from what it once was. There was too much emotional constipation involved with it. I could only work on it if I was in a bad mental and emotional place and that's no longer a constructive way for me to work. Unless of course, I happen to be writing NecroRaver, but let's ignore that right now.

AGCK is now a thing for kids to know that they're not alone. The goth revolution of late-late 90's and the new millennium has passed and AGCK is no longer a dark and edgy thing. It's now a message. It's my version of Everybody Poops meets The Maxx. AGCK will never forget it's roots.

Progress on other works continues to go on. I re-wrote the first issue of Elven Lacryment because I had a brainstorm.

Project C needs to be tweaked a bit before I send it out to more publishers.

Next to Godliness is on pause yet again, because I'm having difficulty with an aspect of it. On the plus side it's over 14,500 words in it's current state, when I was aiming for about 20,000 and I'm not even at the whole point of the story yet. It might manage to make it to novel length.

Today I worked on a chunk of something a bit new called Blood in the Water. Going back to play in post-apocalyptic badlands. I just can't seem to leave those places  behind. I'm considering sending it to magazines if it is small enough.

Anyway, I'm mostly writing this for my own benefit, and to give some new content to this desert of a blog.


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